So I’ve fired up my Sims again after millions of years, and I was thinking of making a new Batfamily. And I’m super tempted because I have the option to turn my Sims into vampires, werewolves, djinns, faeries, ghosts, or witches. Anyone have any suggestions which character should be what?


Dark Victory, #7 

I have no reason to post these except i love how Bruce transformed everything in the manor into training apparel, and how Alfred can always be seen quiety in the background

Robin Rises: Candidates


1. Resurrected Damian Wayne


Chance: Very High

Pro: Character popularity and potential, the timing of Son of Batman movie, Andy Kubert drawing, and the heart of Tomasi’s story arc.  

Con: This will be the second Robin to die and resurrected, and the first to officially happen during the reboot. New 52 is the chance to prove that comic characters can stay dead. Which is kinda rendered moot with the existence of Jason Todd, but what the heck.

2. Cloned Damian Wayne


Chance: I don’t know

Pro: Close enough to be Damian

Con: Both Damian lovers and haters won’t be satisfied. The haters don’t like any kind of Damian back, the lovers know and fear that this will not be the same Damian. Look what happened to Kon and Jon. Plus there’s the memory of Heretic.

3. Carrie Kelley


Chance: Depend on Carrie’s role in Tomasi’s story

Pro: She was a Robin in the alternate universe

Con: I heard her role during Requiem wasn’t enough and her back story that’s supposed to be revealed during The Big Burn was cancelled. It sounds like whatever plan they have for her was changed. Need confirmation on this speculation.

4. Tim Drake


Chance: Medium

Pro: The likeliest candidate after Carrie if Damian stays dead and will satisfy Tim Drake fans who feel like his Robin role was shafted when Damian came along. Plus his Red Robin moniker in New 52 is in name only rather than the more emotional back story of the preboot, so going back as Robin will not be a downgrade.

Con: Still has a role in Teen Titans, and quite independent to just go back. Retreading old story.

5. Cullen Row


Chance: Hahaha

Pro: It’ll be fun to have an actual gay Robin for once

Con: He’s a wimp. Unless some character transformation happen, I don’t see him becoming a vigilante. Plus, the joke about Batman and Robin being gay will explode. 

6. Duke Thomas


Chance: Very Low

Pro: It’ll be fun to have a black Robin

Con: Snyder’s character. The candidate for Robin as described by Tomasi is something he has prepared. Which basically thinning the option to just Carrie and Damian.

7. Damian Son of Batman 


Chance: You’ve gotta be kidding me.

Pro: Hot probably legal older Damian. Drawn by Andy Kubert. Apokolips storyline may provide a trans dimensional rift. 

Con: This story has a bad rep. Damian is extremely violent and borderline insane with all the tragedies around him. I mainly include this as a joke.

8. Collin Wilkes


Chance: Nonexistent.

Pro: Best friend of Damian. Will make me happy.

Con: There’s no clue that he even exists in New 52. Dustin Nguyen’s character. Batman won’t take another kid, especially one that was the same age as his son.

she was special and unique because unlike other girls she read a book and drank a tea and didnt talk about a clothes